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$1,250,000.00 Brain Injury settlement

Settlement in Dog Bite Case $100,000

Settlement in Broken Leg Case $165,000

Not Guilty Verdicts in 17 Counts of Bank Robbery

Not Guilty Verdicts in 13 Counts of Dealing Methamphetamine

Undocumented Immigrant-- Car Crash settled for $ 100,000.00

Not Guilty in OWI case

Jury finds man Not Guilty of Operating While Intoxicated

Foot injury in motorcycle crash $125,000

Personal Injury $90,000.00 settlement for shoulder injury in car truck collision.

And many many more....

(Lafayette Indiana)

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Tip #1 If You’re In A Car Accident - Call the Police

Call the police. Indiana Law provides that you must stop and remain at the scene of an accident until the authorities are notified. The only exception to this is very minor property damage when, then, you must make every effort to contact the owner of the damaged property. When the authorities arrive give factual information, but do not admit fault or blame.