Operating While Intoxicated FAQs

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Operating While Intoxicated FAQs for Lafayette Indiana

Will my license be suspended if I'm arrested for OWI?

Indiana law requires an automatic suspension of your driver's license for a chemical test failure.. Your license will be suspended for 180 days on a pre-trial basis from the date the Bureau of Motor Vehicles receives notice that your case has been filed.

Can I obtain a work license if I'm convicted of an OWI?

Maybe. Indiana law allows for specialized driving privileges if you qualify. However, you must file a special motion to obtain your work license. This takes approximately 30 days, so do not delay calling an attorney.

Are breath test machines accurate?

No. The breath test machine is only a machine and is not 100% accurate. A competent, experienced lawyer, can explain the problems associated with this machine. Be sure to ask your lawyer about this machine or else you could be wrongfully convicted.

What can a lawyer do for me?

A knowledgeable lawyer, experienced in handling O.W.I. cases, can review the police reports, your driving record, the breath test results, machine certifications and maintenance records and advise you whether the proper procedures were followed regarding your arrest. Indiana law requires compliance with certain test procedures or the test results may not be used in Court. Also, remember that subsequent convictions for this offense elevates the penalty. A second O.W.I. within five years will be charged as a felony. A third will add a habitual vehicular sentencing enhancement resulting in a potential additional 8 year prison term. Do you really want to represent yourself?

Who should I call for help?

Although there are many lawyers who accept these cases, you should find an attorney experienced in representing O.W.I. clients. Please see our qualifications.

Being accused of an O.W.I. offense is a serious matter. It affects your driver's license, your employment and may involve jail time.