Top Car Accident Tips

If You’re In A Car Accident – Obtain Contact Info

Make certain that you obtain contact information from everyone involved in the accident. This would include individuals who claim they have witnessed the event. Write down phone numbers and addresses and contact information and plate numbers if you can obtain this information.

Did You Know - Personal Injury Tips

If You’re In A Car Accident - Call the Police

Call the police. Indiana Law provides that you must stop and remain at the scene of an accident until the authorities are notified. The only exception to this is very minor property damage when, then, you must make every effort to contact the owner of the damaged property. When the authorities arrive give factual information, but do not admit fault or blame.

A personal injury refers to bodily injuries caused by the fault of another individual. These type of injuries can occur from multiple fault situations, such as:

Auto Accidents
Medical Negligence
Motorcycle Injuries
Products Liability
Slip and Fall Injuries
Trucking Accidents
Worker's Compensation
Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Damages

Most of the time, you will be attempting to deal with an insurance company to obtain adequate compensation for an injury caused by an at fault party. Damages include pain, suffering, loss of wages, reimbursement or payment for medical bills, disfigurement, and payment for protracted or permanent injuries.

Personal Injury Settlements

Based on the current climate within the insurance company, it is almost impossible to ascertain what a fair settlement amount would be without professional advise. Insurance companies have this information, but they will not provide it to claimants. Graham Law Firm subscribes to multiple verdict and settlement reporters which indicate trends in settlement based on the liability and type of injury. These materials, and years of experience in resolving hundreds of injury cases over twenty-five years, are required in order to adequately determine what a case may or may not be worth. 

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Further, it is imperative that certain information be preserved at the onset of a personal injury case. If this is not accomplished evidence may be lost forever. Graham Law Firm utilizes investigators, where required, to obtain witness statements and preserve vital evidence.

Personal Injury Expenses

Graham Law Firm advances the expenses necessary to preserve evidence, and to obtain all necessary and relevant medical records in order to prepare a settlement package for the insurance company.

Personal Injury Advice

  • Keep in mind that certain actions must be filed in a formal court of law within specified time limits. The Statute of Limitations requirements can be as short as one hundred and eighty days. Failure to file required documents will result in waiver of your claim.

  • Do not sign any documents, or provide statements to insurance companies regarding your case until you have had an opportunity to review the matter with an attorney. Graham Law Firm will be happy to consult with you regarding these matters.

Additional information is contained in the following sub categories, but there may be other situations not specifically delineated herein.

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