Career Highlights

Personal Injury Announcements

Motorcycle brain injury results in $1.25 million dollar settlement

Auto accident broken leg yields $160,000.00 settlement

Semi-truck double trailer crash on I-65 results in death of highway worker results in $375,000.00 settlement

Drunk driver crosses center line and causes head on crash resulting in back injuries and corpectomy yields $500,000.00 settlement

Fall on wet wax at supermarket resulting in fractured hip. Verdict $268,000.00

Spray can placed on hot stove explodes causing facial injuries. $250,000.00

Criminal Law Announcements

Conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine – all 13 Counts – found not guilty after jury trial

Conspiracy to commit bank robbery at Industrial Federal Credit Union, not guilty an all 17 Counts after jury trial

Not guilty verdict of operating while intoxicated with BAC in excess of .30

Conservation officer man throw marijuana into lake. Not guilty after jury trial

Man possess small amount of cocaine in baggie in truck. Not guilty after jury trial

Marijuana located in floorboard behind driver’s seat. Not guilty after jury trial and habitual substance offender dismissed

And many many more....

(Lafayette Indiana)