Personal Injury FAQ

Graham Law Firm has been fighting for our clients since 1985. Thousands of clients have selected our firm and we would be happy to discuss your case free of charge.

Personal Injury FAQ

Graham Law Firm has been fighting for our clients since 1985. Thousands of clients have selected our firm and we would be happy to discuss your case free of charge.

Personal Injury FAQ for Lafayette Indiana Residents

Why can't I just settle the case myself?

You can, IF you are willing to take whatever the insurance company offers. The primary question is, what is my case actually worth? Don't expect the insurance company to tell you. The insurance company is supposed to make money, not give it away. Injury evaluation is a complex science, and requires experience and resources. The insurance company will tell you not to get a lawyer. The reason is that they, and good lawyers, know what your case is worth. Do you? I really can't afford to hire a lawyer, even to get an opinion about my injury. What can I do? The lawyers at Graham Lawfirm P.C. will be happy to evaluate your case without charge or obligation. Simply pick up the phone and call us for a free personal interview. We can explain your options and provide you with information you need to make an informed decision. If we accept your case, any legal fees will be a percentage of what you collect. We advance the expenses necessary to properly prepare your case. These expenses can be as low as $100.00, but if you don't have what the insurance company needs to see, forget it. I really don't want to sue anyone, and I'm afraid of the idea of going to court. Should I still talk with a lawyer? Absolutely. Talking with a lawyer doesn't mean you must sue anyone, and it certainly doesn't mean you'll wind up in court. In most cases, we can resolve your case through direct negotiation with the insurance company. We also resolve many cases by using arbitration and mediation, out of court techniques which obtain benefits without going to court.


Can I file a claim for an injury anytime?

No. A rule of law called the Statute of Limitations puts a limit on the amount of time you have after an accident or injury to file a claim. If you wait too long, you may never receive the compensation or benefits you're legitimately entitled to receive. Some limitation periods expire in six months. Also, evidence needs to be preserved. Please don't wait for a year and then expect to get witness statements, photographs, reconstruction and expert evaluations. Insurance companies tend to promise payments, but as the months roll on and the case gets stale, payments may not come. Our investigative staff can start preparing your case now.

Do I even have a right to be compensated if I am injured in an accident?

Yes. If another person's fault results in injury, you may be paid for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and damage to your property. However, you may give away these rights if you sign an insurance release form. It's a good idea to have a lawyer review any documents the insurance company wants you to sign, before you sign them.

Which insurance company should pay for my medical bills?

You may have more than one insurance source for payment of your medical bills. Sometimes, medical plans must be repaid if you recover compensation for your injuries, and choosing the correct source may reduce the amount that has to be repaid. Also, there may be insurance coverages that you may be totally unaware of. For example, an umbrella liability policy may provide millions in additional coverage. These policies can be hidden in homeowners policies. Also, uninsured and underinsured coverage may be hidden within your own auto policy. If you don't call us, we cannot help!

Attorney Credentials

Bruce W. Graham, born LaPorte, Indiana, September 22, 1951; admitted to bar, 1979, Indiana; also admitted to practice before U.S. Supreme Court; U.S. Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit; U.S. District Court, Northern and Southern Districts of Indiana.

Preparatory education, Purdue University (B.S. 1973)

Legal education, Indiana University, Indianapolis (J.D., 1979).

Oral Argument: U.S. Supreme Court; U.S. Court of Appeals; Indiana Supreme Court; Indiana Appellate Court.

Prior Lecturer, Mock Trial, Department of Political Science, Purdue University.

Member: Tippecanoe County Bar Association; Member Indiana Trial Lawyers Association

Did You Know?

Top Car Accident Tips

If You’re In A Car Accident - Call the Police

Call the police. Indiana Law provides that you must stop and remain at the scene of an accident until the authorities are notified. The only exception to this is very minor property damage when, then, you must make every effort to contact the owner of the damaged property. When the authorities arrive give factual information, but do not admit fault or blame.


Do I have a case

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